It's a Horse's Life!

Humor / General
Trade Paperback
Publication Date: Nov-2003
Price: $11.95
Size: 6 x 9
Author: Joanne M. Friedman
ISBN: 0-595-30265-3
100 Pages

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Equines are big business in this country, and that's not to be taken lightly, but as anyone who has spent much time around them knows, horses have a sense of themselves and refuse to be pigeon-holed, catalogued or otherwise restrained. When they are given their due as individual personalities, as they are in this book, an occasional startled giggle has to result.

Calling on forty-plus years of experience, extensive research, and lots of trial-and-error, Joanne Friedman has put together a celebration of life with horses. A horseman’s most important piece of equipment is a sense of humor, and Friedman liberally spices her advice with horse laughs.

Whenever horses are called on to participate in human enlightenment, they do so with great enthusiasm and good humor. Join Friedman and the horses of Gallant Hope Farm as they slog through mud season, experience Murphy’s Law in full effect at a show, set up a (mostly) working farm, and learn about clicker training. Your perception of life with horses will never be the same.

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